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The eye doctors at Dr. Bruce E. Reid & Associates, P.C. are expertly trained in fitting all types of contact lenses, whether they are spherical, toric (for people with astigmatism), multifocal/bifocal/monovision contact lenses (for people who require prescription for far and near) and rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses.
Our offices carry thousands of diagnostic contact lenses in stock by brands such as Cooper Vision, Johnson & Johnson, Alcon (formerly CIBA Vision) and Bausch + Lomb. We carry daily disposables, biweekly disposable contact lenses, monthly disposable contact lenses, colored contact lenses and extended wear contact lenses.
Whatever your eye care needs are we will work with you to find the right contact lenses for YOUR eyes.
  • Are you a CURRENT contact lenses wearer and want to renew your contact lens prescription? No problem. Schedule an appointment and we will determine your up-to-date prescription and ensure that the contact lenses are fitting your eyes properly.
  • Are you a PREVIOUS contact lens wearer that discontinuted wearing your contact lenses because of dryness/discomfort/irritation? Ask our eye doctors about newer contact lens materials that stay more lubricated on the eye.
  • Have you discontinued wearing contact lenses because you were NO LONGER ABLE TO READ? Ask our eye doctors about multifocal/bifocal/monovision contacts lenses that give you the ability to see far and near.
  • Are you considering trying contact lenses for the FIRST TIME and are wondering if they are right for you? Again, ask our eye doctors and we can discuss all of your options. If it is determined that you are a good candidate for contact lens wear our expertly trained staff will guide you through the insertion and removal of contact lenses on a one-on-one basis. They will also train you on how to properly clean and take care of your contact lenses.


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