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Makeup Advice for Contact Wearers from your Kennesaw, GA Optometrist

For those who use contact lenses a few guidelines should be followed when applying cosmetics. Here are a few basic pointers on ways to be sure your eyes stay beautiful and healthy.

Which Makeup Are the Safest for your Eyes?

First of all, eye care professionals strongly suggest you purchase only brands that are free of oils and fragrances. In addition, to avoid flaking and smudging, which could result in bothering your contacts, use waterproof mascara and eye liner pencils. Lastly it's important to replace cosmetics used for your eyes at regular intervals - it is preferable to replace mascara every month, liners after 3 months and eye shadows after half a year.

How to Safely Apply Makeup

Be certain to wash your hands before applying your contacts. Apply eye shadow, liner and mascara gently so you won't jostle your contacts. Make sure you don't apply a brush or liner to the inner eye lid and start mascara at the middle of the lashes rather than the base. Don't share makeup with others or apply when the eyes are red or irritated.

In addition to removing eye makeup daily try to be proactive and opt for glasses when dying or treating your hair with any sort of chemical.

Being careful when using makeup when wearing contacts can avoid irritated, swollen or inflamed eyes and damage to lenses.

If your eyes become swollen or irritated avoid wearing any cosmetics around the eyes. Don't hesitate to contact your optometrist if you have any redness, pain, or itchiness. Our Kennesaw, GA eye doctor can assist you with any contact issues that you may be having.